Helicopter defence and civil MRO / AOG spares & parts distributer

We demand excellence and our mission is to support and deliver a first rate service to our wide customer base, ensuring all paperwork and quality of parts requirements are met; Including the provision of on-time buying and logistics process support for helicopter spares for MRO and AOG parts. And we do this rather well, our unique selling proposition is the speed at which we can deliver helicopter parts from anywhere too anywhere.

Helicopter Spares has over 2000 approved component suppliers that includes the stock of many international OEMs as well as MRO companies themselves who allow us access to their current allocated and unallocated spare parts stock inventories, from Consumables, Fasteners, Airframe to Rotor Blades, we play a vital role in today’s global helicopter parts supply chain and we'll keep you in the air.

One of our key rotables services is just-in-time spares ensuring that we get the part you need when you need it. We supply helicopter parts from all condition codes and when appropriate can work on an exchange basis. You tell us what you need and we work to deliver it.

Our specialists at Helicopter Spares can help by supplying the highest quality helicopter parts from all over the world from multiple vendors, providing quality and prompt delivery with our service tailored to you, and our guaranteed reliability. We save your organization time and money with less administration, leading to streamlined orders, invoices and fewer payments you will need to make combined with the fact that we won't go off sick or on holiday.

Helicopter Spares has developed an enviable reputation as a reliable, technically competent supplier for Helicopter parts, such as: Hardware, Airframe, Dynamic Components, Engine, Avionics, Rotables, Consumables, Tools, Fasteners, Component Repaired And Overhauled Parts, Electromechanical Spares And Electronics. - Plus all associated Aviation products to Aviation and Defence organizations worldwide.

Through HelicopterSpares.com and partnering with Oracle we can give your business a competitive edge,  by being your quality, tech-savvy and on-time component procurement supplier chain expert we help you achieve your goals.

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