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Did you know?

Was Oracle at DSEI? Of course you did, we haven’t shut up about it for ages!

But what was it like? Finding our stand was easy, we were on Aisle 4 off Entrance S3, right in between the likes of BAE Systems, QinetiQ, Babcock International, MBDA etc. Okay, it would be fair to say that we felt honoured to be amongst these premier established companies.

BAE Systems especially had a massive interactive show area; we were able to watch a display of drones acting like a swarm; wear a fighter pilot helmet with built-in situational awareness information in the visor and check out the latest in VR technology! It was simply mind-blowing just what the real-life theatre ready cutting edge tech can do these days!

That was just on one of the stands exhibiting the breadth and depth of technology, equipment and capabilities on show. We see component parts being shipped out of our business every day, but we rarely get to see some of the end products that they became essential parts of.

It was also great to be able to meet up with so many incredible businesses in one place, all with a mutual pride for the part we all play in the global defence & security industry.

The exhibition was bigger than just the business’ who had flocked to showcase their incredible contributions to security & defence, it was also about the opportunity and honour of meeting some of our current and ex-servicemen & women who have served for the UK around the world over the last 40+ years. We even had the opportunity to speak to an ex-Air Controller for the UN (you’ll know who you are). Speaking to this man proved to be a real eye-opening conversation, he is truly a protector of our world. Sir, we salute you and thank you for your service.

So, will we go back in 2019? Yes, yes we surely will, it’s a great reminder of why we do what we do and reinvigorates our passion to serve our customers, solve their problems and get the job done no matter what!

How Do We Support Our Customers?

By being able to source from around the world, which gives us the flexibility to locate stock which local franchise distributors just don’t have access to.

By being able to secure stock for the customer to call off, providing assured supplies of both current and obsolete components.

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