In research carried out by the Oracle Components Ltd, more than 80% of the UK Buyers and Senior Business Managers questioned said they were persuaded more by component suppliers that took a considered and tailored approach to contacting them. It is a fact that sales people do not like making cold calls, probably as much as procurement Buyers dislike receiving them, and this can lead to an interesting game of cat-and-mouse.

Much time and effort is used up by all involved, but it would not happen if these calls were handled better by both sides. Setting up a process for dealing with potential component suppliers can help you sort the "wheat from the chaff" and find the procurement Products and Services that will really help you. To do this you need to think about how you process information.

For instance, do you prefer to have some time to understand supplier calls, or can you make a quick decision? Compile a list of the challenges or specific needs where you may use outside help. Next, document the steps a potential component supplier needs to grab your attention. Based on this information you can then develop a process that suits you and puts you in much more control.

This process is one which we have adopted ourselves we have found this invaluable, it enables you the buyer to be more focused and saves you valuable time. By working closer we build a stronger business relationship with customers and suppliers.

Our fast friendly and focused efforts provide buyers with the confidence to know we are working for them.

The business now and moving forward will be even more about your business securing the best price and delivery. Oracle Components has invested time money and a great team from different market sectors to help your Business grow, While ensuring we offer our customers "Good old fashioned Customer Service".

Asia, Turkey, US, Europe & the UK

Oracle Components, has offices and agents overseas, If you are looking for parts in large quantity and need to be sure on the quality let us handle the parts, we offer the assurance you need!

Same part giving you grief ?

Same part always on lead time? supplier always letting you down ? Let Oracle keep some spare parts buffer on the shelf ready to call off and stay in control !

Oracle Components Ltd Supports WATER AID. For £15 WaterAid can provide a person with safe water, adequate sanitation and knowledge of good hygiene practices.

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Oracle Components Ltd Supports "WATER AID"

For £15 WaterAid can provide a person with safe water, and adequate sanitation and the knowledge of good hygiene practices.
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